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Skalariak – Solo Vivir

Monday, October 27th, 2008

Skalariak is a Spanish ska band founded in 1994 in Navarre by Juantxo Skalari and Peio Skalari. Their lyrics are in Spanish and Basque. Also in their works the sounds of punk, reggae, and other styles can be found.

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Boikot – Tierra Quemada

Monday, October 20th, 2008

Boikot is a Spanish left-wing punk rock band. The band started in 1987 playing at bars and private locals. They launched two albums, Cría Cuervos and Tu Condena, and they played in diverse rock festivals as Festimad or Metaliko Rock. After this they decided to do a trilogy called La Ruta del Ché, that would be composed of three albums that count the history of Che Guevara and engravings while they were on tour in some countries as in Cuba, Mexico, and Argentina.

Natalia – Vas A Volverme Loca

Monday, October 13th, 2008

Natalia Rodríguez Gallego (born December 11, 1982) is the full name of the Spanish singer Natalia. She was a contestant on the successful Spanish TV show Operación Triunfo in 2001, where she finished 14th. She is considered as the Spanish Pop Princess.

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Jarabe de Palo – La Flaca

Monday, October 6th, 2008

Jarabe de Palo is a Latin rock group from Spain led by Pau Donés, singer, songwriter, and guitarist. The group has received great awards such as Premios de la Música, Premio Ondas, and Grammy nominations. They have collaborated with La Vieja Trova Santiaguera, Antonio Vega, Vico C and Celia Cruz (soundtrack of El milagro de P. Tinto). Pau has also composed tracks for Ricky Martin and starred in a music video with Alanis Morissette. They also collaborated with Italian musicians Jovanotti and Niccolò Fabi.